Drama ensued on Tuesday evening (29th) at the KCLSU awards in Tutu’s after a member of KCL comedy society was escorted off stage by two security guards.

The student, who was asked by KCLSU to perform at the awards, was removed half way into his act for repeated use of the N-word. KCLSU President Hannah Barlow acted to get security involved after the crowd expressed their displeasure at the repeated ‘joke’.

Concerns have been raised that no one vetted the performance before it was made to students, alumni, senior College staff, members of the KCLSU Trustee Board, and other external guests.

KCLSU has began a formal investigation into what happened, and Roar! sources say that the student himself will be called into the Union to account for his actions.

KCLSU President Hannah Barlow said,

“KCLSU is looking into guidance given to the student groups before their performances at the Awards. The material used by KCL Comedy Club was offensive and inappropriate for all guests and staff and was unexpected. I would like to extend sincere apologies to anyone that was offended. A Safe Space Policy which is being voted on at our Members Meeting this evening will in future, prevent this from happening.”

“Overall the evening was a celebration and we don’t want this incident to over shadow the great success of the students that were receiving Awards and also the great atmosphere that was felt for the other parts of the evening.”

Roar! have contacted KCL Comedy Society asking for an explanation and will post it as soon as we receive it.

Photo by Freya Pascall

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