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By the time you’re reading this exam and revision season will be in full swing (yes, yes, medics and postgrads, we know some of you have later exams and coursework deadlines… but you could still be cracking on with things now!).

Hopefully, you’ll be feeling just the usual amount of stress. ‘The fear’ can actually help with revision, as a small amount of stress hormones can actually improve memory, motivation and performace. All the same, at KCLSU the Officer team wanted to do something to help make things a little easier, and help you be ‘fit to sit’ in mind and body.

Therefore, we’re running Fit to Sit fortnight for the first time! For the next two weeks (14 – 25 May) we’ll be visiting the libraries at Waterloo (Mondays), Guy’s (Wednesdays) and Strand (Fridays) armed with freebies and goodies to help you feel better about the world.

Thanks to Cubana, Chilango, MOMA, Thorntons, Twinings and Kinetic for all the goodies which will be given away during the Fit to Sit fortnight!

We’ll be giving away things including… MOMA breakfast pots, Thorntons chocolates and £1 off chocolate block vouchers (download here!), Twinings herbal teas, Chilango vouchers, Kinetic Fitness Club free classes Tuesday and Thursday and gym day passes for the exam season, CALMzines, pens and bookmarks, soduku and wordsearches, and Cubana will be at Guy’s making smoothies. You’ll also be able to enter a competition to win LUSH goodies – the ultimate unwinding kit!

Win LUSH goodies with fit 2 sit fortnight at KCLSU
Win LUSH goodies with fit 2 sit fortnight at KCLSU!

But along with the fun things, we want to get a more serious message across too.

The College has a policy that if you submit coursework, or sit an exam, you declare yourself ‘Fit to Sit’. This means if you sit an exam or submit coursework and you’re being academically affected by circumstances out of your control, you should tell King’s ASAP. If possible, before your exams or deadline day. Because appeals after you get the bad grade are much, much harder to resolve. You’re well in your rights seek out your options for mitigating circumstances.

Come and chat to us about being Fit2Sit: email, or take a look at our for more info… and look after yourself this exam season!

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